Macron’s government survives no-confidence vote over contentious pension plan

PARIS — President Emmanuel Macron survived a key vote Monday that could have collapsed his government and killed off his flagship pension plan, the cause of countrywide protests and strikes.

The no-confidence vote received 278 votes in the National Assembly, falling short of the 287 needed to pass.

Macron's long-promised plan to raise the national retirement age from 62 to 64 has sparked weeks of national strikes and demonstrations, and police have clashed with protesters in cities across the country.

Police said some 4,000 protesters gathered in the Place d’Italie in southern Paris on Saturday, many chanting “Macron, resign!” as trash bins were set alight and officers responded by firing tear gas. More than 160 people were arrested across the country, the Interior Ministry said Sunday.

Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, Macron’s appointed majority leader, and her Cabinet of ministers would have had to stand down if the motion received enough votes Monday.